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The new generation of high temperature heat pumps opens new applications for industrial use.
It is possible to heat industrial processing fluids to high temperatures using waste heat from a refrigeration circuit: the global energy efficiency of the new technology becomes unbeatable.
The new heat pumps can reach a temperature of the processing fluid higher than 100°C. Electrical consumption is 5-7 times lower compared to electrical heaters.
The energy advantage is also valid comparing the new high temperature heat pumps to gas boilers; the new solution lower the
energy consumption between 30% and 40%.

Refrigerant fluids used in the high temperature heat pumps are naturals with the following advantages:
• no restrictions for their use
• no toxic
• no flammable
• no explosive
• no contribution to the greenhouse effect (global warming potential GPW=1)
• no damages to the ozone layer (ozone depletion potential ODP =1)
• lower CO2 emissions (up to 40%-50% lower) compared to current solutions

The high temperature air heat pumps HEATWER are used whenever heating and cooling are required simultaneously.

Some possible industrial applications are:
• material drying
• plastic processing
• food processing
• paper production
• chemicals
• pharmaceutical

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Plastic elements

Plastic elements

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